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Save time and money moving your office, with plastic moving boxes.

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Crates are easy! We deliver Moving Crates right to your door.

You Pack

We include handy labels and useful tips to make packing simple and safe.

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We collect your empty boxes when the job is done. No waste. No worry.

Plastic Moving Boxes: Zero Heavy Lifting, 100% Protection

Assembly, taping, and re-taping awkward cardboard boxes is frustrating and inefficient. Not to mention the backbreaking work of stacking those heavy boxes. Reusable plastic moving boxes, on the other hand, reduce the risk of personal injury by eliminating heavy lifting. Our lightweight crates are crushproof and water-resistant with a locking design that guarantees the safety of your contents.

How to Pack Moving Crates

  1. Place an empty crate on the wheels provided, and roll it near the items you are packing.
  2. Pack anything that will fit. Use a resealable bag for small items and accessories to keep them secure.
  3. Leave an inch of clearance at the top, then close the lid.
  4. Place labels on the end of each bin, not the top or side, so they are visible.
  5. Write the destination, and any other important information on your labels.
  6. Stack an empty crate on top of the first, and continue packing and stacking to a maximum of 4 crates high.
  7. Leave room in your top box to add last minute items.
  8. As you unpack, stack up to 20 empty boxes on a set of wheels and you’re done!

More Pro Packing Tips

  • Pack as soon as possible, then roll your stack out of the way until you’re ready to move.
  • Purge before you pack to avoid taking unnecessary items with you.
  • Move personal items on your own for added protection.

Packable, Stackable, Boxes with Wheels

Moving Crates are simply the best way to protect all of your valuable assets. Here’s why:

  • Easy:
    Simply place an empty crates on the dolly and pack it. Flip the lid shut, and lock. Place another empty moving bin on top. Pack. Stack. And repeat. Each dolly holds up to 4 bins. That’s one more than traditional cardboard moving boxes! And there’s no need to breakdown or cleanup messy cardboard.
  • Efficient:
    Attached, easy-snap lids mean no more searching for box tops, or cutting open and re-taping boxes when you need to verify their contents or add something. A unique nesting design lets you conveniently stack and store empty bins out of the way until you need them.
  • Environmentally friendly:
    Reusable plastic bins are, well, reusable. Obviously. But they’re also 25% larger than most cardboard moving boxes, which means you can pack more with less. Plus, the Moving Crate dolly’s space-saving design maximizes every truckload, reducing the overall number of trucks and trips needed for your move.

Renting moving boxes is just one of the ways we support your office move. 

Moving Crate Dimensions

  Length Width Height
Interior 24.25″ 15.25″ 12.75″
Exterior 27.75″ 18.25″ 13.5″
Capacity 2.7 cu. ft.

Moving Crates are spacious and secure, which means they’re ideal for packing: 

  • Important records and files
  • Computer equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Desk contents
  • Art and decor

Our vibrant orange branding makes them easy to spot during the hustle and bustle of your move, so won’t mistake them for recycling bins or overlook any on moving day!

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