Moving Offices? Make Sure You Have Storage Space

It’s always wise to leave yourself as much time as possible for an office move. You just never know what obstacles will pop up along the way.

With that in mind, it’s important to find an office moving company known for its flexibility. Being able to move your items from point A to point B should be the baseline for any office mover. What sets companies apart is their ability to cope with any delays in the process. 

But what’s the secret to being a flexible moving company? Usually, it’s having the space and technology to offer short term storage

Storing Your Stuff

Many of us have watched shows such as ‘Storage Wars’ or have driven by a Public Storage in the past. The idea of storing some of our extra belongings in a separate space makes sense, especially for those of us who have ever downsized our living spaces. 

It’s not all that different for office moves. The top office moving companies have facilities large enough to accommodate the storage of office furniture and equipment. Similar to other storage companies, their facilities offer professional care and enough room to safely store all of your belongings.

Before agreeing to work with an office moving company, be sure to get all of the details about their storage solutions. Ask about the amenities they offer as well as the length of time your belongings can be stored in their facilities. Then, once you’ve narrowed down your vendors, compare their offerings and evaluate the best fit based on your company’s needs.

Why else should you go with a moving company that offers storage solutions? Here are a few more reasons. 

1. Flexibility 

Trying to pull off a large office move in one day is a recipe for disaster. It’s best to do it in stages. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible if your new office space isn’t quite ready for your company just yet.

It’s important to have off-site storage during moments such as these. Office moving companies with storage spaces can temporarily hold on to your office furniture and equipment until the new lease begins and the space is fully prepared for your move-in. 

By segmenting the move rather than trying to do it all at once, you’re reducing the likelihood of costly mistakes being made. This includes breakage to your belongings or damage to the facility you’re entering or departing. 

2. Ability to Plan Ahead

Yesterday, we wrote about how an office move represents a chance to refresh your company’s image for your employees, customers and suppliers. Short-term office storage solutions give you the chance to start doing this ahead of time before the stresses of the move take over. 

If, for example, you know months in advance of an office move you want to buy new furniture, you can make the purchase and then store the furniture in the office moving company’s storage facility until your new office is ready for you. 

Of course, if you’re planning an extended stay at a storage facility you need to first get in contact with the office moving to learn the amount of time they’ll store your belongings. Be sure to inquire about this whenever you’re asking a moving company for a cost estimate. 

3. Peace of Mind

Above all, office moving company storage facilities should offer you peace of mind throughout the stressful moving process.

 There are few times when your valuables are more ripe for theft than during an office move. Unlike a typical day at the office, people aren’t constantly monitoring all of the items in an office. Office moving storage facilities can protect all of your belongings until your new office is ready. 

It’s again important to review steps your office moving company is taken to ensure your belongings are safe. Make sure to ask them about their facility’s surveillance capabilities as well as the security features inside the facility.

As always, it’s important to start reaching out to office moving vendors well in advance of a move. They can help give you a better sense of how they expect your office move to go as well as an overview of the features their company offers. Understanding all that’s available to you is the first step in a painless office relocation. 

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