Nodus Office Movers


Nodus Office Movers prioritizes four basic principles that ensures a phenomenal office moving experience.

No Hidden Fees

We have heard of nightmare stories of companies bidding low to “earn” the job and then gouging clients when invoice time comes, sometimes invoicing clients twice that of what they initially quoted. Rest assured, this will never happen when you work with us. We will always be transparent, fair & courteous. 

Top Trained Moving Professionals

Each of our moving professionals participates in a comprehensive series of trainings before taking on their first office move. Our moving professionals are well versed in the use of modern office moving technology and understand the safety protocols for moves of all sizes.

Organized & Efficient

Many office moving companies have gained a reputation for losing the belongings of their clients. Some may even dismiss these losses as being a part of the business. We disagree. Our project managers will ensure the move is carried out in an organized and efficient manner to protect your company’s possessions and make sure the project is finished on time and within its budget.

Wonderful Service Experience

Office moves can be complex. If you own or help to manage a business, you already have a number of items on your plate. Monitoring how the move is going likely won’t top your list of priorities. Don’t worry. Our moving team will give you regular updates throughout the move to keep you on top of the project. 

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