How to Plan an Office Move Under Social Distancing

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the United States and the world in a way that has been unimaginable.

Families across the country are coping with an unprecedented level of isolation brought on by stay at home orders. The business community similarly faces a level of uncertainty it has not dealt with since the Great Depression.

For many businesses, however, ongoing projects do not stop, and planned office relocations are no exception. Thankfully, many commercial moving companies are offering services that allow office managers and small business owners to continue planning their moves while still maintaining their own safety along with the safety of their workforce.

Here a few questions you should consider if you’re still in the process of planning an office relocation during these challenging times.

1. Is the mover able to offer virtual estimates for the project?

As always, cost is one of the top concerns for any business considering vendors for a moving project. This can, of course, can be difficult if representatives from the moving company are unable to visit your office and give you an estimate for the project.

Many commercial moving companies are now, however, offering virtual estimate services,in which a project manager from the moving company can meet with whomever is tasked with spearheading the moving project for a business. These virtual services can help business owners and office managers remain on track toward completion of a moving project even if the timeline of the project is still unclear.

2. Can the mover offer flexible scheduling?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, planning for the future has largely fallen by the wayside for many small businesses. There is simply no way to predict when the business environment will return to a state of normalcy.

Commercial moving companies must take this into account. Businesses searching for commercial moving services should seek assurance from prospective movers they are willing to be flexible around scheduling moving dates.

3. What steps is the commercial moving company taking to prevent the spread of the virus?

Health experts are adamant the threat of the virus will continue even after social distancing orders are lifted. Ultimately, the Coronavirus will remain a threat until researchers develop a vaccine, and it appears this could take 12-18 months.

In the interim, everyone must take steps to limit the spread of the virus, and commercial moving companies must play in a role in the process. Before hiring a mover, check their website to see the safety measures they have put in place. At a bare minimum, moving companies should commit to having their movers and project managers wear gloves and masks during moves to protect these workers along with the members of a business’ staff.

4. Does your business have a plan in place to protect the safety of our employees after move-in?

Once the furniture and supplies have been moved from one office to another it might seem as though the moving process is finally over. In these uncertain times, however, it’s more important than ever to ensure the safety of your workforce.

To start, explore whether the commercial moving company offers furniture cleaning services. Office furniture receives a large amount of human contact and therefore has the potential to spread the virus. Additionally, inquire whether the moving company has a plan for disinfecting high contact areas during the move-in process. If they do not, either relay this information to the building’s custodial staff and see if they are able to do so or put a plan in place to make sure employees disinfect their workspace prior to using it.

Above all, safety should be the priority. Businesses that include the wellness of their employees and customers at the forefront of all plans should seek out moving companies that do the same, now more than ever.

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