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Office Furniture Removal

We Here at Nodus Office Movers, we are experts your excess office furniture. Whether you need to get rid of 5 cubicles or several floors of furniture, we have you covered. We currently are serving the Orange County & Los Angeles Business Community.

    Leave your Space Exactly How You Got It

    Dealing with your excess office furniture is arguably the most overlooked aspect of a commercial move. office lease agreements are very specific. Be careful about what lessees need to do before turning over to rented space to a landlord. These mistakes can significantly increase the cost of your move. Contact us for assistance!

    Office Furniture Experts

    Office Furniture Experts at your Service

    We making moving offices easy. It’s that simple. We have a dedicated project manager that leads a team of office furniture experts ensuring your office furniture liquidation goes by smoothly. We always protect Elevators, Floors & Walls ensuring we take care of the building we are in.

    Office Furniture Reconfiguration

    If you are moving locations, scaling up, down or even liquidating, we are here to help you with your excess furniture. We can assemble, disassemble or reconfigure your office furniture regardless of manufacturers. Our commercial furniture experts will take care of your commercial needs.

    Before starting to plan a commercial move, contact Nodus Office Movers and get a consultation from one of our office moving experts. We can help you start to build out an commercial moving plan and give you a fair and accurate price quote based on your company’s specific needs.

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