Three Reasons Why the Fall Office Moving Season is Unmatched

With temperatures in southern California still creeping up into the 90s, it might not seem like the fall.  But trust us when we say fall office moving season has begun. 

There’s arguably no better time of the year than the fall. Temperatures are no longer sweltering. Major holidays are quickly approaching. And though you may not know it, the fall office moving season simply can’t be beat. 

Don’t believe us? Here are three reasons why the fall office moving season is unmatched.

1. Moving During the Fall Office Moving Season will Save You Money

Summer is the busiest time of the year for office moves. Leases typically begin and end during the summer and as a result, the demand for office moving services skyrockets. 

High demand almost always equates to higher costs. So, if you’re hoping to avoid paying a premium for office moving vendors, your best bet is to move during the off-peak season. With 70 percent of office moves taking place between Memorial Day and Labor Day, the months of September through April offer the best bang for your buck if your company is in the process of relocating to a new facility.

If you really want to be thrifty, decide whether your company can bear taking on a weekday office move rather than moving over the weekend. Most companies want to move on the weekend in hopes of avoiding any business downtime. Unsurprisingly, then, weekend moves are more expensive than ones that take place during the work week. If you plan carefully, however, you can minimize downtime while simultaneously saving your company money.

2. It’s a Lot Cooler

If you’ve ever moved homes or apartments during the summer, you’re probably already aware of just how miserable summer moves can be. Winter and spring are almost just as bad with their unpredictable weather. 

Fall, on the other hand, pairs relatively mild temperatures with predictable weather. There’s no better time to be outside—especially if you’re undertaking a big project.

On the surface, it might all sound trivial. Your teammates have likely dealt with every weather condition imaginable. But remember: Office moves are a key event in your company’s history. As such, they have an outsized influence on your company culture. Last week, we mentioned how poorly executed office moves can lead to a sharp decline in employee morale. In the long run, this drop in morale can result in employee turnover that can damage the foundation of any company’s culture.

Clearly, the temperature and weather conditions on their own aren’t going to permanently damage company culture. But you want your teammates to have as many positive associations with the office move as possible, and moving on a day with pleasant weather can only help.

3. Everyone is Settled Before the Holidays

November and December typically aren’t the most productive months at the office. With Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years seemingly taking place one right after another, it’s hard to find a day when all of your teammates are in the office at one time. 

It’s critical that all hands are on deck during an office move. Not only does having everyone in the office help spread out the workload, but it prevents anyone from feeling as though the office moving project is their burden alone. This again helps preserve your staff morale and maintain the company culture in light of a period of transition. 

Your teammates will also appreciate being able to adjust to their new surroundings. Office moves often force employees to change their daily routines, and that can be a source of stress for many. This stress is only compounded when your employees are already preparing for the busy holiday season. 

Another way to keep your employees satisfied during an office move while still keeping the project within the budget is working with expert office moving professionals. Nodus Office Movers can help. Our goal is to provide your company with a stress free move and transparent pricing no matter how large or small your office is. 

Contact us today for a free office move estimate! 

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