Use These Digital Office Moving Tools For Your Next Move

A general rule of thumb you can follow in 2020 when it comes to office moves is if you feel as though you are dedicating too much time to a repetitive task, there are probably some digital office moving tools available.

Over the past few decades, automation through digitization has improved productivity across industries—office moving included. While the basics of moving from one office space to another certainly hasn’t changed, much of the work once done on paper has moved online. 

From project management to insuring a company’s items, new digital office moving tools have streamlined many of the processes managers once had to deal with before, during and after a move. If your company is considering changing offices, here are a few simple digital office moving tools for your toolkit. 

1. Trello for Office Move Project Management

Trello wasn’t made specifically for office moves, but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve as a valuable project management tool for your company as it enters into a period when communication can quickly become challenging.

The Trello platform is divided into various boards. For example, the management team at your company might have one board, and the remainder of the staff has another. Leaders can then create lists and place cards on each of the lists to assign tasks for teams and individual team members.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the Trello platform is its flexibility. You can create lists based on a project’s progress toward completion or based on the day of the week. In the context of office moving, let’s imagine you want all electronic devices unplugged on Thursday and all boxes back on Friday.

Rather than sending off a mass email someone could potentially miss, you could instead create a card under a “Thursday” list indicating to staff members the deliverable is due on that day and then do the same for the Friday list. It’s a simple way to avoid having lines of communication becoming crossed during what can be a stressful time for the entire team. 

2. Room Sketcher for Designing Your New Office 

You’ve decided your company needs a new office. Great! Now, what will it look like?

It can be hard to envision the layout of an office space without spending a great deal of time surveying it. And that’s only the start. You also need to consider how your teammates will move throughout the office and whether it’s a space where they’ll actually enjoy working. 

The Room Sketcher tool helps answer many of these concerns.The program, of course, allows you to render 2D floor plans that give you a basic idea of your space constraints. But it also goes further by giving you access to 3D floor plans that offer a better visualization of perspective and height. This feature will help give you a better sense of the furniture and other amenities you’ll be able to fit into your new space.

It even gives users the chance to take a tour of the new office space using a 3D avatar. Although this isn’t a perfect substitute for actually touring the facility yourself, it will help you start to think about any bottleneck areas within the office space you should be concerned about before the moving process starts.

3. Mavenlink for Project Budget Management

We’ve mentioned a number of times how costs can quickly add up during an office move without careful planning. Mavenlink’s project management tool can help.

With Mavenlink, you can closely monitor whether the project will ultimately prove profitable for the company in the medium and long term and make adjustments accordingly. In addition to cost, you can also track other KPIs your company prioritizes during and after the completion of the office move with the goal in mind of allowing your managers to pivot in real time, if necessary. 

All of these features alone would make the Mavenlink platform a must have for any company hoping to change facilities. But what really sets it apart from its competitors is its personnel management capabilities. Your management team can use the software to establish where and how much time each team member should spend at each of their facilities on any given day and then respond to any roadblocks they encounter along the way. 

4. Sortly Digital Office Moving Tool to Keep Track of Your Belongings

As is likely the case at home, you’ve probably accumulated a lot over the years at your office. When it comes time to move, it can be hard to keep track of it all.

With the Sortly app, you can use the five-level folder functionality to sort your items based on category. For example, if you wanted to categorize a computer in the human resources office in the east wing of your facility, you would create folders for computers, the human resources office and the east wing. 

After you’ve sorted through everything, you can even print adhesive labels with QR codes to easily track your boxes and valuables digitally rather than keeping it on paper. It will only make the unpacking process simpler when the time comes.

5. Letgo Digital Office Moving Tool for Getting Rid of What You No Longer Need

An office move is a great time to evaluate whether there is anything in your office you no longer need. The Letgo app can make sure you aren’t simply giving away something that still holds value for free.

Letgo is, in many ways, similar to Craigslist. You just take a picture of the item you’re hoping to sell and then post it in the app. From there, local buyers who are interested can easily reach out to you. It’s a much more efficient version of a company garage sale. 

Companies can even use the application to purchase items for their new office. It’s a useful tool regardless of whether you’re moving offices or your home. 

If you’re in the process of planning an office move, we’re here to help. Contact Nodus Office Movers today for a free office move estimate. We promise the quoted price is the price you will pay. 

Also, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions here!

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